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How does the trial work?

You create an account in our portal and try us out for 3 days. After the trial period you decide if you want to upgrade to a paying plan or close your account if we’re not the right fit for you. We'll not require a credit card on file. 

During the trial period we will create a staging version (temporary copy) of your website to make a limited number of requests so you can experience our service. These requests include making all the necessary updates to bring your website up to date and a final audit of your current site. 

If you decide we are the right fit for you, we will publish all the changes from the staging server into your live website and all the rest of the features will be activated.  

If you decide we are not the right fit for you, no worries, we will delete your staging website from our servers when the trial period ends. Note: This cannot be undone, so once the website is deleted and you want to start with a plan, we will need to recreate the staging version and charge a minimal fee.  

What’s included? 

  • Limited Content Requests
  • Limited Graphic Requests (Watermarked)
  • Theme, Plugins, and core software update to the staging server
  • Email Support during business hours


What’s not included? 

  • Unlimited Content Requests
  • Unlimited Graphic Requests
  • Unlimited Online Forms
  • Unlimited Video Requests
  • Malware & Hack Removals
  • Mobile & Speed Optimization
  • Emergency Support
  • All Standard Features